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There is an interesting story behind GT Bikes. According to legend, during the 1970s the son of an accomplished welding engineer named Gary Turner wanted a better frame for his bicycle. Turner went ahead and built it, and those who saw how well Turner's bike performed soon wanted one for themselves. Turner then teamed up with a bike shop owner named Richard Long, and GT Bicycles (named after Gary Turner, of course) was born. The company has since gained renown for producing some of the fastest bikes to ever run BMX races. Now based in Bethel, Connecticut, GT Bicycles is today one of the leading suppliers of BMX bicycles, mountain and road bikes, over 4,500 different parts and accessories that include bicycle frames, helmet components, locks, and biking apparel.

The most distinctive feature that sets GT bikes apart from its competitors is its Triple Triangle(TM) frame design. This simple frame configuration helps GT bikes reduce lateral frame flex that results in drag and hampers acceleration. At the same time, this design reinforces the frame structure, making it immensely durable, and adds to the unparalleled versatility of GT bikes. GT's I-Drive independent drivetrain technology also reduces drag, preserves momentum and ensures a smoother ride. GT employs a manufacturing technology called Force Optimized Construction (FOC) that inhibits frame flexing from various road and environmental forces, and increases ride efficiency. GT bike parts are optimally shaped, assembled and tuned to give the bikes their legendary durability. The tubes, in particular, are hydroformed and butted to direct metal toward areas that need to be reinforced, such as ends and joints. Monocoque fabrication adds strength and durability to the underlying structure.

The GT Gravity series are downhill bikes that convert gravity into an adrenaline filled ride. The Fury Carbon Team, Fury Alloy 2.0 and the Ruckus DJ 1.0 are high performance downhill racers designed to provide the ultimate rush while letting you retain control and stability throughout the experience. The Sanction, Distortion and La Bomba belong to a new breed of tough and versatile Enduros that behave beautifully as trail bikes, but can, at a moment's notice, take on tough downhill courses and short technical climbs. The Force series consists of All-Mountain bikes that are highly efficient and light enough for grueling marathon races, yet tough enough to take on all kinds of challenging terrain. GT Trail bikes -- the various Sensor models, the Karakoram line, the Avalanche line, the Aggressor series and the Palomar models are ultra-light and super stiff for maximum comfort during very long rides. Rounding off the GT mountain bike class is the highly reliable Zaskar line of world cup caliber XC racers.

Besides the cutting edge and performance leading mountain bikes, GT's other bike lines have also contributed to the company's iconic stature. The GTR road racers have "speed" written all over them, while the Transeo, Traffic and Nomad urban bikes blend excellent handling and response with superior riding comfort. GT bikes started with BMX, and the current line continues the company's winning tradition with its Interceptor, Performer, the sleek and ultra-fast Speed series and the reliable Mach One utility bikes.